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Product RegistrationRegister your copy of PocketMap Navigator. As a PocketMap Navigator registered user, you'll be notified of bug fixes and software patches as they become available. You may also choose to receive notifications and special PocketMap Store promotions.

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General Questions

1:   Is there a phone number I can call top place an order?
Yes. You may call us at 1-408-992-0899 x105 for helpful product information and to place an order over the phone.
2:   How can I register my navigation software?
You can register your navigation software by visiting and clicking the "Registration" tab. You can then fill out the form to provide the information pertaining to the product you would like to register. As a registered user, you will be elegible for customer support by email for your navigation software.
3:   Where can I purchase accessories for my PND?
You can find a full line of products and accessories for PNDs and mobile devices at the PocketMap Store.
4:   Where can I purchase PocketMap products?
All PocketMap products and services are available at the PocketMap Store. You may also purchase PocketMap products from other fine retailers listed under the "Where to Buy" tab.
5:   Is it possible to add more map regions to a product I may want to purchase?
In many cases we can add additional map data regions to the products we offer. If you do not see the configuration you are interested in on our website, please contact us at and let us know which map data coverage would work best for you.

Product Related Questions

1:   Why do I need a Serial Number for my navigation software and when do I enter it?
Your Serial Number is used to activate the PocketMap navigation software on your mobile device. The Serial Number will only need to be entered in one time; the first time the software is started. In the event that you do a hard reset on your mobile device and all memory is cleared you may need to enter the Serial Number again. For this reason, it is important that you keep your Serial Number in a safe place in case it is needed.
2:   If I change the mobile device I am using now, can I transfer the navigation software to the new device?
PocketMap navigation software can only be used on one mobile device as per teh End User License Agreement. However, if you are a registered user and upgrade your modile device, you may contact and our friendly support staff will assist in transferring the license to another compatible device.
3:   Can I copy the software to my own SD card?
You can copy the software to another Micro SD / SD card, however, this is not recommended as memory cards may vary in speeds and performance. Also, if there are other applications installed on the SD card the performance of the navigation software may not be optimal.
4:   Can I delete data from the memory card (such as states) to create free space on the memory card?
It is not recommended to alter the contents of the memory card in any way as it may impact the behavior and operability of the navigation software.
5:   I purchased PocketMap navigation software but realize that my mobile device is not compatible with the requirements required to operate the software. What should I do?
It is impotant that you do not break teh seal on the memory card jewel case. Once the software is opened it can not be returned under any circumstances. If the factory seal on the memory card has not been broken, you may contact the service department at the PocketMap Store to request an RMA number.
6:   How many Favorites can I save? As I save more will it effect the performance of the software?
You can save up to 500 Favorite locations and adding Favorites will not effect on the performance of the software.

Rental Program Questions

1:   If I rent a PND from PocketMap Store can I extend the rental duration if I decide to keep it longer?
Yes. You may extend your rental period at the daily rate for the device you decide to rent. You may also apply the rental cost towards the purchase of the PND if you decide to purchase it.
2:   Who pays for the shipping fees when a PND is rented?
When the PND rental order is plaed you will select a shipping option which is convenient for you and pay for the shipment based on the shipping option you select. You will also receive a prepaid return shipping label to ship the PND unit back to us at the conclusion of your rental period.


1:   How can I improve my GPS reception?
For the best possible GPS performance, it is important that your GPS receiver or Portable Navigation Device has a clear, unobstructed view to the sky. In areas with tall building or trees which obstruct the view to the sky, an external GPS antenna is recommended if the device has support for an external antenna connection.
2:   How Can I reset my PND-328A or PND-428A?
In the event that you need to reset your PND-328A or PND-428A unit, press and hold the menu hardware button for 10 seconds and the device will initiate a soft reset.
3:   When I activate my software I get a message saying activation has failed. What should I do?
In the event that your activation does not go through when the "OK" button is pressed on the activation screen, try submitting the request again by pressing the "OK" button again. In some occasions, it is possible the connection the the server is temporarily interrupted. Please also double to check to ensure that all characters are entered correctly as some letters and numbers can be confused for each other, such as "I" and "1".